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KCB High Pressure Gear Oil Pump Without Relief Valve

KCB High Pressure Gear Oil Pump Without Relief Valve
Price: US $ 210/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB
Min Order: 1/Set
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P,Western Union
This series pump applies to delivering non-corrosive lubricating-oil or equivalent liquid without solid particles and fibres at temperature below 300 centigrade and with the viscosity of 5-1500cst.

Application Scope:
It can give performance as transferpump or booster pump in oil delivery system. It can be also applied as a fuel pump for delivery system, pressurization and injection in fuel supply system and in all industry fields as lubricating pump.

Structure Features
KCB series gear pumps are mainly composed of gears, axles pump body, pump, cap safety valve and axle-end seals etc. The heattreated gears have the advantage of higher hardness and intensity, and rotate with the axles inside the replaceable bearing sleeves. All of pump's parts can be lubricated by delivered medium when working.
The pump is properly designed with leakage and return chute, which lets the gears bear the least torque force and reduces load and wear on bearings bear the least torque force and reduces load and wear on bearings in order to raise pump's efficiency.
It is also designed with safety valve for protection against overload. The full return flow pressure of the safety valve is 1.5times higher than the rated exhaust pressure of the pump. It can be also adjusted within the allowance of exhaust pressure range according to circumstances.
But please note the safety valve can't be applied as pressure-reducing valve for long time. You may install pressure-reducing valve separately on pipe-line if needed.

Technical Paramter:
Flow: 1.1m3/h~570m3/h
Discharge pressure: 0.28Mpa~1.45Mpa
Speed: 720rpm~2900rpm
Dia of inlet & outlet: 3/4"~350mm
Model Capacity Q Speed
η %
m 3 /h L/min Power
KCB-18.3 1.1 18.3 1400 1.45 5 44 1.5 Y90L-4
KCB-33.3 2 33.3 1420 1.45 5 44 2.2 Y100L1-4
KCB-55 3.3 55 1400 0.33 7 41 1.5 Y90L-4
KCB-83.3 5 83.3 1420 0.33 7 43 2.2 Y100L1-4
KCB-135 8 135 940 0.33 5 46 2.2 Y112M-6
KCB-200 12 200 1440 0.33 5 46 4 Y112M-4
KCB-300 18 300 960 0.36 5 42 5.5 Y132M2-6
KCB-483.3 29 483.3 1440 0.36 5.5 42 11 Y160M-4
KCB-633 38 633 970 0.28 6 43 11 Y160L-6
KCB-960 58 960 1470 0.28 6.5 43 18.5 Y180M-4
KCB-1200 72 1200 740 0.6 7 43 37 Y280S-8
KCB-1600 95 1600 980 45 Y280S-6
KCB-1800 112 1800 740 0.6 7.5 43 55 Y315S-8
KCB-2500 150 2500 985 75 Y315S-6
KCB-2850 170 2850 740 0.6 8 44 90 Y315L1-8
KCB-3800 230 3800 989 110 Y315L1-6
KCB-4100 245 4100 743 0.6 8 44 132 Y355M1-8
KCB-5400 325 5400 989 160 Y355M1-6
KCB-5600 330 5600 744 0.6 8 44 160 Y355M2-8
KCB-7600 460 7600 989 200 Y355M3-6
KCB-7000 420 7000 744 0.6 8 44 185 Y355L1-8
KCB-9600 570 9600 989 250 Y355L2-6
Prod Model: KCB200
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Pressure Medium: Oil
Mesh Form: Internal Engaged
Tooth Flank: Straight Tooth
Tooth Curve: Cycloid
Power: Electric
As a major enterprise in China's pump industry, our company takes a leading position in the domestic gear pump sector, and is the designated producer by previous Machinery and Industry Ministry. We have passed certifications such as ISO9001-2000 international standard, the China Classification Society Type Approval Certificate, and the certification from the Fishing Vessel Inspection Bureau, PRC.

Our company, integrating production, research, and service, has advanced equipments and design capability as well as complete test facilities. Product design adopts CAD and CAPP solutions.

Our products include CYZ-type self-priming centrifugal pumps, RY-type air-cooling hot oil pumps, WZW-type self-priming sewage gear pumps, AY-type single & double-stage centrifugal pumps, BZA-type pumps for petrochemical processes, CWZ-type horizontal self-priming centrifugal marine pumps, CWX-type self-priming centrifugal-vortex pumps, CLZ-type vertical self-priming centrifugal marine pumps, CLH-type vertical centrifugal marine pumps, 2W. W-type double-screw pumps, 3G-type three-screw pumps, G-type single-screw pumps, 3GCL-type vertical screw pumps, KCB-type gear pumps, 2CY-type gear pumps, YCB-type gear pumps, YCB-G-type thermal insulation gear pumps, LB-type gear pumps for freezer, LYB-type vertical circular arc pumps, NYP-type inner gear pumps for high viscosity application, and 3RP-type lobed rotor pumps.

With complete categories, reliable qualities, and competitive prices, our products have gained good customer reputation, and are sold to different regions of the nation, covering such applications as petroleum, chemical industry, vessels, power supply, grain and oils, foods, medicine, construction materials, metallurgy, and national defense scientific research.

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