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Gas Relief Welded Ball Valve

Gas Relief Welded Ball Valve
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            Introductions of Metal Seal All-welded Ball Valve Performance
All-welded ball valve is a new kind of new energy-saving truncation valve researched and developed in our factory by introducing foreign advanced design technology and equipment. Due to its special structure, novelty, utility, light weight, small material consumption, it is a kind of very good energy conservation and environmental protection product in today's environmental protection and energy saving economical situation. The feature is when the valve closes, the internal leakage can achieve zero leakage, it can reduce the loss caused by energy loss to the lowest point, which greatly improves the energy saving and fluid measurement accuracy. The valve is composed by all-welded body and carbon enhancement Teflon gasket which can be frequently operated. On the condition of impurities and chemicals, it can run for a long time. Fine grinding stainless steel sphere ensures the free opening and closing for years, and it performs reliably. Floating ball structure, cant elasticity guarantees the seal ring to press tightly on a sphere. Even in the case of pressure not stable, the valve can guarantee closeness. It solves the phenomenon of "escape, emit, drop, leak" existed in all delivery systems, thus greatly improves the safety, reducing the expenses for maintenance use, providing convenience to the users.
This valve is one of the most ideal block valves applied to industries like urban heating, city gas, natural gas pipeline, chemical industry, power, light industry, food, textile etc. After years of market tests, the product quality reaches the same level of similar products abroad. So it has a good reputation among the users.
City Gas: Gas output pipelines, trunk and feeder supply lines etc.
Central heating: large heating equipment output pipeline, trunk and feeder
Heat exchanger: opening and closing of the pipes and the loops
Iron and steel plant: all kinds of fluid pipes, exhaust pipes, gas and heat supply pipelines, the fuel    supply lines
All kinds of industrial equipment: all kinds of heat pipes, industrial gas and heat distribution pipelines
Integral welded ball valve doesn't have external leakage phenomenon.
The valve seat is composed by carbide Teflon seal ring and belleville spring, so it is adaptable for the change of pressure and temperature. It won't produce any drainage within the marked range of pressure and temperature.
The machining process of sphere is traced and checked by advanced computer detector, so the sphere has high machining accuracy.
The valve body material is the same as pipe material, so there will be no unbalanced stress, and it won't distort due to earthquake and the vehicle going through the ground. The pipe has resistance to aging.
Sealing ring uses RPTFE material with 25% Carbon, which ensures no leakage.
Directly buried type welded ball valve can be directly buried underground, people don't have to build a high large valve well, they only need to set up small shallow wells in the ground, which greatly saves the construction cost and the project time.
According to the demand of pipeline construction and design, people can adjust the length of the body and the height of the valve stem.
The machining precision of sphere is very precise, convenient operation, no harmful interference.
Adopting advanced raw material, ensure the pressure over PN25.
Compared with the same specification products in similar industry, the body is smaller, and more beautiful.
Service life more than 15 years in the event of normal operation and usage of the valve.
Main parts and materials
The valve body: ST37
Ball core: SS304
The valve stem: 2Cr13
The valve seat: PTFE- C carbon fiber
The valve assembly
1. Lifting the valve in the right way, making the body bearing the load.
Warning: Other prominent part. The support lug and the valve side neck is the correct position of the chain hoist. Do not tie chain hoist onto hand wheel, gear box, or actuators.
2. If the valve is equipped with lifting lugs, then lift the valve by lugs.
3. During the period of lifting valve, remain the valve end protection cover in its place, the protection cover can be removed only when the valved is completely installed.
Warning:  during lifting, please protect the end face of the valve and the parts from being damaged, or the valve would be damaged.
Position of the valve: Ball valve can be installed in any position, please put grease on exposed surface of the valve ball, which can protect it from being damaged by splash slag.
The valve ball protection
Warning: when being installed, he valve ball should remain in the fully open position, or it will be damaged.
If the valve should remain in closed position when being installed, please smear grease to the exposed surface of the valve ball.
Warning : please don't place the valve in half-open state for a long time.
Warning: for no-take-over butt welding end valves, please don't install valve on the off-position of the ball.
Welding Introductions
When preheating, welding or heat stress releasing, the temperature of any point 3"away from weld joint on the body can not exceed 400 F(200C). Please use thermopile stick to test temperature. Before welding the ball valve in pipeline in the end, people should use 1"wide protective belt to cover the valve seal from 3 o 'clock to 9 o 'clock area(the seal between the ball and the seat and the seal between the seat and the end). This contributes to prevent any impurity falling into this area. Before starting and testing pressure, the impurity should be cleared away from the pipeline system.
Pressure test:
1. strength test. Strength test takes water as medium. Welding high pressure test valve on both sides of the valve sleeves. After opening the valve to 45 degrees Celsius location, injecting water into ball valve through the pressure test valve on the valve sleeves. Boost to 1.5 times of the ball valve nominal pressure, maintain pressure for 15min. Qualified if without leakage.
2. leak test. Leak test takes nitrogen as medium. Close the ball valve. Inject nitrogen into on side of the valve through pressure test valve on the valve sleeves. Boost to 1.1 times of the ball valve nominal pressure, the vent valve on the sleeve on the other side connects the hose and pumps into the water container to carry on test. The insertion depth is 1cm, qualified if no air bubbles within 5min.
Operation time
Quick operation time
Quickly opening or closing the valve will cause distortion and load of the valve, so it is necessary to limit the valve operating time to protect the valve from the damage of over-stress. Using the following formula to calculate time can operate the valve safely: quick operation time = the valve ball nominal dimension/2  If you need to operate the valve faster, please consult the local representative office.
The longest operating time
In the process of operating the valve, the seat surface is exposed. In order to reduce the time of the seat surface being exposed, here recommend the following the longest operating time: the longest operating time = 5 × nominal ball size of the valve(eg: each inch of nominal ball size 1min) Time unit is seconds, the unit of the ball mouth is inches.
Warning: operating the valve without according to the above provisions will result to the damage of the valve.
All welded ball valve just need minimal maintenance. In order to extend the life of the valve, please maintain the valve refer to the following steps. Operation is an important part of routine maintenance of the valve. Operation contributes to eliminate the impurity gathered at the surface of the seat or the valve ball. Each operation of the valve can make the seat ring spin 15 laps, and it evenly distribute the abrasion to the seat inline body.
 Double cut-off with exhaustion (if equipped)
Whether the valve is in open or closed position, the upstream and downstream pressure can discharge inner pressure through blow off valve, protecting the device from being damaged due to dramatic increase in pressure.
When shut off and discharge the valve, please follow the steps below:
Warning: ensure you have wore appropriate safety clothing.
And follow the customer's safety regulations. Otherwise it may harm himself or others.
1. The drain plug of directly buried fully welded ball valve has one or two release outlet. Please pay attention to their position. Any debris in the valve and the vent plug will discharge at high speed.
2. If necessary, can tighten the vent plug to change the discharge port position.
3. When the valve is in full open or closed position, can open the vent plug. When open the vent plug, please prepare a wrench to prevent the vent plug break off suddenly. Can use cut-off and discharge function to check the seal integrity of the valve. If the discharge on one side of the valve can't stop, it means the valve seat may have leaked.
Warning: Please do not try to discharge the valve at the half-open or half-closed position. Otherwise it will hurt the operator or others.
Set the stopper
1. Confirm that rotating the valve to open or closed position will not affect the normal operation of pipeline.
2. Loose the stop nut of the open and closed position.
3. Rotate the stop bolt counterclockwise to increase the gear.
4. Rotate the valve to full open position.
5. Observe and confirm the valve position through the observation hole on the valve stem.
6. Rotate the open stop bolt clockwise until it can't move, then tighten the clamp nut. If the stop bolt doesn't rotate, then you have to repeat steps 3 and 4.
7. When setting the closing limit, complete the step 3 to 6, and then rotate the valve to closed position and use the closing limit.
Working drawing of the underground buried type ball valve
There are intensive vehicles and pedestrians in cities nowadays, the roads are also very complex. So when constructing, maintain the gas supply and the heat supply pipeline, there is a high requirement for the construction time and construction safety. We adopt full welded ball valve this time, it can be directly buried deep underground. Making use of the latest engineering technology to construct can reduce the valve control space furthest, and greatly saving the construction cost and the project time, and it can prevent the danger of gas explosion. All welded ball valve is a very safe valve.
When directly buried type ball valve rotates, the operator doesn't need to enter the underground, they just need to do the transmission operation on the ground, which is extremely safe and convenient.

Prod Model: Q361F
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Size: Dn15-1200
Connection Form: Welding
Channel: Straight Through Type
Structure: Fixed Ball Valve
Type: Fixed Ball Valve
Application: City, Gas
Material: Carbon Steel
Driving Mode: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic, Turbine
Nominal Pressure: Pn16-40
Function: Blow-Down, Relief, Bypass
Guocheng Valve Co, Ltd was found in 2003, which is a professional integral with in GB, API, JIS and non-standard valve design, manufacture, sales, service. We produce all welded ball valve, forged steel ball valve, buried type welded ball valve, hard seal ball valve, eccentric half ball valve, V-Type adjusting ball valve, fixed ball valve, floating ball valve, insulation ball valve, 3-way ball valve etc.

The company is located in Zhejiang's Wenzhou hometown of pump and valve-Oubei Town, country into a va1ve to high quality products to meet the needs of users, in good faith to serve the broad masses of users.

Guocheng Valve launches its main product of full welded ball valve with international advanced producing process and technique and international quality assurance and control procedure and advanced producing and operation management. Our valve products are widely applied in countries and regions like, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and China etc. Main products of fully welded ball valves, underground fully welded ba11 valves, relief ball valve and natural gas ball valves with diameter of DN15~DN1200 and operating pressure of 1.0MPa~6.4MPa and operating temperature of -196 ° C~ 550 ° C are available currently. Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel, operational methods: Manua1, with gear, electrical, hydraulic and automatic etc. Main products comply with relevant technical standards in different regions and countries, such as ANSI, API, EN, BS, DIN, ASME and ISO etc, which are applied in various industries of petroleum, chemical industry natural gas, thermal, ship industry, electricity, pharmacy, metallurgy, food, military and construction engineering etc.

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