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Pressure Vessel Spring Type Safety Relief Valves- Pressure Control Valve (UI-A42Y)

Pressure Vessel Spring Type Safety Relief Valves- Pressure Control Valve (UI-A42Y)
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Spring type safety relief valves directory-pressure safety valve-pressure safety control valve used to protect the pressure vessel.

Structure and function of spring type safety relief valve
Working principle of spring type safety valve
Low temperature spring type safety valve
Backflow valves (Back flow preventer
Vacuum negative pressure valve
Model selection of safety relief valves
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Spring type safety valves' working principle: 
Spring type safety relief valve works through adjusting spring force to prevent medium pressure and realize sealing purpose. Under the condition of spring force greater than medium's normal pressure, valve disc is at the close state, when medium pressure exceeds the set pressure, the spring is compressed, and lead the disc sealing faces separated, the valve open automatically, and relief pressure; When medium pressure reduced to normal pressure, the valve disc go back to valve seat under the spring force, disc sealing faces and valve seat sealed again, the valves close automatically. 

Sealing face's accuracy and cleanness of Valve disc and valve seat direct related to valve's tightness. 
In the range of spring pressure, the valve set pressure can be changed by rotating the adjust screw. 
Change the seal pressure relief angle and lifting force by rotating the adjust ring to achieve suitable reseating pressure, relief pressure and disc's open height. Low temperature safety valve
Low temperature valves are widely used in medium Natural gas, liquefied gas, liquid oxygen, liquid ammonia, liquid hydrogen and liquid nitrogen in -29º C~-196 º C
Valve material selection: LCB, 304, 316, Monel etc.; Spring type is decided by medium. All valve parts are at -196 º C subzero treatment for 24hours. 

Low temperature safety valves are installed on low temperature, ultra-low temperature equipment and storage tank, tanker; The valve is low temperature resistant, good sealing, reliable and open sensitive, assured the cryogenic equipment safety work. If the medium is toxic or inflammable, choose the bellows valves. 

Safety reflux valve (return valve; Reverse flow valve)

Reflux valves install at the liquid reflux pipe of LPG tank pump outlet. When the front pump pressure greater than rated value, safety reflux valve reduce pressure & back flow. 

Safety reflux valve include flange parallel type (picture 4) and right-angle type (picture 2). Disc sealing material is PTFE (picture 5), good sealability. Valve open and close function is realized by the inlet and outlet different pressure. 

Working principle
When inlet pressure is greater than outlet pressure of 0.5MPa, spring is compressed, and valve open automatically. When inlet pressure is less than outlet pressure of 0.5MPa, the valve get closed automatically by spring moving. 

Vacuum negative pressure safety valve

Main application
Vacuum negative pressure safety valve is mainly used in negative pressure system. 

Safety valve model selection
Working pressure and medium temperature decide valve's temperature range and nominal pressure; Valves set pressure which define the spring pressure class, medium type and working temperature decide the valve material and structure; Safety valves relieving capacity decide the valve's orifice area

ItemParts nameFunction
1Valve bodyMain pressure-containing parts
2SeatQuality pressure-bearing part, main sealing part
3adjust RingAdjust reseating pressure, relieving pressure and opening height.
4Backlash plateWhen medium discharge, it act reaction force, improve disc lift force
5SpringThe main parts of safety valve pressure adjusting
6adjust screwAdjust set pressure
7locking nutTo prevent the screw loose
8RodTransfer the spring force to disc or backlash plate
9leverManuel relief
10bonnetConnecting parts, spring cavity, enclosed safety valve pressure-bearing part
11spring setSpring supporter
12radiatorhigh temperature valve, lower spring cavity temp.
13guide sleeveGuide and locate valve disc
14discOpening, sealing main parts
15set screwPrevent adjusting ring loose.

There is a wide range of safety valves available to meet the many different applications and performance criteria demanded by different industries. Furthermore, national standards define many varying types of safety valve. 

The ASME standard I and ASME standard VIII for boiler and pressure vessel applications and the ASME / ANSI PTC 25.3 standard for safety valves and relief valves provide the following definition. These standards set performance characteristics as well as defining the different types of safety valves that are used:
The following types of safety valve are defined in the DIN 3320 standard, which relates to safety valves sold in Germany and other parts of Europe:
EN ISO 4126 lists the following definitions of types of safety valve:
Prod Model: A42Y A41H A47H A48Y A49Y
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Medium: Air, Steam, Liquid
Function: Protect The Pressure Vessel
Application: Boiler and Pressure Vessel
Temperature: <350c or >350 Degree C
Pressure: 25MPa
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